Online Versions Of Free Board Games

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We've all played board games as a family activity in our childhood. Not all of them, however, are only for casual play. If you know where to look, you can find some very exciting gambling free board games available in the market. Some of the best ones are a combination of exciting gameplay, betting options, and interesting themes.

Horse Fever

This is one of the most popular ones available in the market today. Offering a unique setting, Horse Fever has managed to gain a considerable amount of fame ever since its release in 2009. Based on 1930s Noir Novels, each player takes on the role of a rich bettor that will use any means necessary to gain rewards on their bets. Races will be fixed, bookmakers bribed, and horses will even be sent to sleep. What make this more interesting, however, is that you also get to purchase stables and borrow money from the mob.

Colossal Arena

This is a fantasy gambling board game to beat them all. With 8 creatures in battle, you need to fight your way through as one is taken out in each round. What makes this immensely challenging is that throughout, you can only place 5 bets, so choose wisely.

The victim in each round is decided by placing number cards in front of the creatures and the one with the lowest value will fall.

Colossal Arena was an inspiration for many other board games and slots that can be played for real money in Inferno and other online casinos. If you are intrigued, you can try them for free by using the no deposit bonus that will give you free bets without any requirements.

Winner's Circle

Yet another Horseracing themed game, the Winner's Circle lets players bet on seven horses and try to win the most money by the end.

The players roll the dice to choose the horse that the player would like to proceed with. The strengths of the horses vary but even some of the weakest ones may be blessed with speed bursts in the middle. The oval circuit serves as the racetrack for horses. Spaces on the track cannot be shared, which means that a player will have to wait until one horse has moved on in order to proceed.


This gambling board game is designed for 3 to 5 players aged 10 and up. It requires you to keep an eye on merchandise for shipment and plan them along sea routes where they are at a danger of collecting dust or being lost at sea. Comparing the success and failure of their decision, the players will roll the dice to determine the winner.

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