Know About Exciting Casino Dice Games

One of the oldest and most simple games that are suitable for all ages are dice games. These are also usually exciting gambling games and very popular ones.

For centuries, people have played dice games all over the world including in ancient Egypt as evidenced by findings in the Egyptian tombs. The ancient Greeks are also one of the fans of dice games. In ancient China, dice games are also played because their version of Chinese dominoes is a dice variation. Dice games are not only for entertainment. In ancient times, they are also used in cleromancy, the art of casting smaller objects to see the future. Precursor of the dice were pebbles, bones, fruit stones, shells and the like. These were oftentimes used to determine future rulers, foresee future events and even for property division.

In present times, gambling is where you find dice games. Casinos offer a number of exciting dice games. Casino dice that are used are cube-like in size and they have dots carved per side from one up to seven. All the numbers in the opposite side totals to seven. The holes for each side are filled with other substance in order to make them weigh equal so they have an equal probability of landing on any side.

There are a number of exciting casino dice games that players can enjoy. Craps is considered to be the most exciting. There are two types, one is street crap which is also commonly known as bank crap. The objective of the game is to get either an eleven or a seven which are considered automatic wins and are called 'craps'. Grand Hazard is another game played using three die. People bet on the result of each roll of the die.

Dice games can involve shooting or rolling of the dice. In the game of craps, a player who holds the dice uses it to shoot the dice to a board. The winner is determined by the side where the dice fall. This is supposed to be a game of luck but some people develop techniques that allow them control of the outcome. Rolling the dice on the other hand is something that can be easily manipulated. A player can roll it in a calculated way to get the desired outcome. But the presence of heavy surveillance in all casinos discourage this practice. Of course, people can still enjoy dice outside of dice games. Some collects them in different shapes, sizes and brands.