Sports Gambling Odds Explained

When you bet on sports the first thing you have to know are the gambling odds. There are many different types of wagers you can make depending on what sporting even you want to wager on. When you know the gambling odds then you can get ready to pick your team and win some loot!

The most popular bet is the point spread so first in sports gambling odds explained let's touch on that. In a point spread the favorite of a game will be giving points while the underdog will be getting points. The bookmakers set the point spread so that the betting public will be betting close to even money on the game. For example if the Calgary Stampeders vs. Toronto Argonauts has a point spread of Toronto -7 that means they are the favorite and have to win by 8 or more points in order to cover the spread. If you bet on Calgary and they lost by 3 points then you will win the bet, as they covered the spread only losing by 3 points even though they were given 7.

Another one of the more popular sports gambling odds explained is the moneyline, which is mainly used for hockey and baseball. In the moneyline there is no spread, but there is inflated odds for the favorite. For example if the Calgary Flames are playing the Ottawa Senators and the monyeline is Calgary +140 and Ottawa -160 it means Ottawa is the favorite and you have to bet $100 to win 140 wagering on Calgary and $160 to win $100 wagering on Ottawa. As you can see the payout is better for Calgary, but they are the underdog in the game and not as likely to win.

another popular sports bet is the total where you simple look at the posted total at the sportsbook and bet over or under that amount for an even payout. Other sports gambling odds explained are parlays for betting on more than one game at once and futures, which is betting on future outcomes of events. There are several others that are more complicated, but the ones mentioned in this article are the more popular ones.