Tennis Gambling Tips

When you bet on tennis you are gambling so there is no exact science since you never know the outcome of a match. However, there are some tennis gambling tips that you can follow in order to increase your chances to win.

On of the big things to look for is the current form of the player or team you want to bet on in a certain match. Rankings are key to look at in terms of form, but you have to see how a player has done in the last few tournaments and how that player has fared on the surface they are playing on. Surface is key to look at and is one of the more important tennis gambling tips. Some players play much better on certain surfaces and there are also players that may not be high in the rankings, but are specialists on certain surfaces, especially clay court specialists.

Another thing to pin-point is the head-to-head record between players in a match. Some players can be ranked higher and are the betting favorite in a match, but are facing a player that they have not had much luck facing. When you find the odds posted for a match that you want to bet on look at how the players have fared against each other in the last few matches.

Top players tend to bring their A game when they play in the Grand Slams, as there are not as many upsets as there are in regular tournaments. You can find good odds for underdogs in Grand Slam matches, but the favorite usually wins. If you are looking to bet the underdog a Grand Slam tournament may not be the best option for you to take. Also, you can look at the schedule of a player and if they are fresh or tired. Did they take some time off between tournaments or are they playing an early week match after making the finals of the previous one? These are a couple of tennis gambling tips that you should look at before making a bet.