Things people gamble on border on the insane

Every day, there is always a chance that we make reckless decisions. For example, in gambling, there are just some things people gamble on that don't make any sense. In general, most people usually bet on a daily basis. Here are some personal accounts shared by people that had friends, relatives or themselves made the funniest and craziest things people gamble on.

John recounted how he had a brother-in-law who played poker at a house of his friend. After some time, the game became aggressive and players began to bet their personal belongings. Unexpectedly, as things got heated up, he wagered his one and only house. That confirmed his gambling addiction, so his wife divorced him shortly after what he did.

Ali shared his dad oftentimes told him about a story of a man who used his wife as a bet and lost her in a card match. He said he never really believed until when he vacationed in Egypt and his dad pointed out to him at the supermarket the "wife" that was made as a bet. He was quoted saying "Something like this is very rare, even for Egyptian men.

Alina told how she got her breast implants by winning blackjack at a casino. Here story goes like this: They were hanging out at the bar, when they met some men and one of her friends mentioned that she is great at blackjack. One of the men started to tease her and then challenged her to a game. When he said he was a cosmetic surgeon and would give her or any of her family breast implants if they wanted one, she immediately agreed. They agreed that if he lost, she would take him to Sao Paulo where a relative of hers had a house. She was pretty much very sure she was going to win and even if she lost, she didn't have the smallest plan to take him. Luckily for her, he lost. And that is how her breast implants came to be.

Carlos said that for 35 years, his father has been running a bodega. Located in the Bronx, his father earned it from a betting match. It has been his business ever since.

From these stories, you will realize that when it comes to things people gamble on, there is really no set limit. Sometimes, these things can be petty or outright frustrating. It can be easy to get carried away with the game and be impulsive, especially when you are one egoistic gambler. In gambling, you can easily win big money, but losing also is just as quick. That is why it is advisable to carry only enough chips to let you enjoy, without you feeling miserable if you lose the money after playing.